Gay Resources

Here are a few resources that I highly recommend.

Spiritual Friendship
Spiritual Friendship is a blog created by Wesley Hill and Ron Belgau to help further the conversation between the Church and homosexuals. Their focus is on issues of identity, practices of celibacy, engagement with the Christian community, etc.

Steve Gershom
Steve Gershom is the personal blog of Joey Prever who just recently came out publicly. As of late fall 2014, he has taken a hiatus in blogging, but his blog is still there and it’s still really good. He is more candid about his personal struggles with celibacy and tends to speak more philosophically on matters of homosexuality.

A Third Way
This is a documentary produced from a Catholic perspective on homosexuality and the Church.


Some books include:

Sexual Authenticity by Melinda Selmys
Washed and Waiting by Wesley Hill
The Bible and Homosexual Practice by Robert Gagnon
Healing the Wounds of Sexual Addiction by Mark Laaser

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